Shinya Kawaoto (Ash) / 川音真矢
I was born in Yokohama, Japan. I run a web development-related company. I started in photography to take a break from work. I didn’t start out very seriously but now it is the focus of my life’s work. A member of "VoidTokyo".

・LensCulture Street Photography Awards 2020, Finalist
・LensCulture Black and White Photography Awards 2018, Finalist
・International Photography Awards 2018, 1st Place
・Magnum Photography Awards 2017, Finalist
・2017 Sony World Photography Awards, shortlist
・International Photography Awards 2017, 2nd Place
・Moscow International Fotography Awards 2017, GOLD Prize
・One Eyeland - Top 10 Wedding Photographers 2017, BRONZE
・ND Awards 2017, Honorable Mention
・御苗場Vol.20横浜, スポンサー賞(ソニー賞)
・One Eyeland Photography Awards 2017, Finalist
・One Eyeland Photography Awards 2016, Finalist

The Guardian (Masters of street photography – in pictures)
LensCulture (Scrap and Build)
Internazionale Numero 1235
SZEROKIKADR by Nikon (Inspiracje)
VOICE Japan (Street of Tokyo)VOICE Japan (Street of Tokyo)

Interviews (Photographer of the week)
Asia Photo Review (Ever-Changing New)
デジカメ Watch

Masters of Street Photography

- solo
2018.03 Scrap and Build (Tokyo, Japan)
- Group
2022.11 Lishui photography festival 2022 "Cities of the World" (Lishui, China)
2022.08 VOIDTOKYO EXHIBITION (Tokyo, Japan)
2022.06 VOIDTOKYO EXHIBITION (Portland, U.S.A.)
2021.11 STREET BEATS (Osaka, Japan)
2021.07 Tokyo Street Photography Group Exhibition (Tokyo, Japan)
2020.07 VOIDTOKYO EXHIBITION (Tokyo, Japan)
2019.04 Beyond Boundaries: LensCulture Discoveries in Contemporary Photography (NewYork, U.S.A.)
2018.10 VOIDTOKYO EXHIBITION (Trieste, Italy) - movie
2018.07 VOIDTOKYO EXHIBITION (Tokyo, Japan)
2018.06 VOIDTOKYO COLLECTIVE (Hamburg, Germany)
2017.10 LensCulture/Magnum Exhibition (London, England)
2017.09 Kansai Onaeba 2017 (Osaka, Japan)
2017.04 Sony World Photography Awards 2017 Exhibition (London, England)
2017.02 Onaeba Vol.20 (Yokohama, Japan)

Talk show event
2019.08 Sony New product launch with Herbie Yamaguchi (Tokyo, Japan) - report
2019.06 #008 Sony World Photography Awards 2019 (Tokyo, Japan) - website
2019.03 VoidTokyo Talk show with Takehiko Nakafuji (Tokyo, Japan)
2018.07 VoidTokyo Talk show (Tokyo, Japan)
2018.04 東京カメラ部特別企画 (Tokyo, Japan)
2018.03 御苗場~今、そこにある世界への挑戦~ with Hiroshi Tanita (Yokohama, Japan)
2017.07 関西御苗場 (Osaka, Japan)

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